• California Competition Works - CCW 4 or 6 ROUND 12 GAUGE SHOT SHELL STRIPPER QUICK RELEASE CARTRIDGE CADDY Spring Belt Clip Sytle

    £32.50 £27.50

    Holds Spare Ammo For Fumble-Free Reloads

    Provides controlled carry of four or six, 3", 12 gauge shells for fast, fumble-free reloads. 

    Clips to belt, allows spare rounds to be grasped without fumbling or dropping; reduces reload times. Spacers adapt for shorter rounds.

    tac-4 holds 4 rds 12ga or 5 rds 20ga 
    tac-6 holds 6 12ga 7 20ga horizontaly on belt, allows shooter to grab as many as he/she is able to manipulate per reload.
    this carrier will also hold an M-4/M-16 magazine as well as the 4 rd tac stripper