• Accuracy International L96AI Sniper Rifle Artwork Prints - Green Meanie & Contact Front by Anthony Richard Grenville Cowland


    Swift and Bold Publishing is incredibly pleased to be able to offer limited edition fine art prints of the artwork which features in Steve Houghton’s newest publication, The Green Meanie. L96A1.

    The paintings, Green Meanie and Contact Front were commissioned especially for this publication and appear nowhere else therefore, to maintain exclusivity these exceptional prints have been strictly limited to just 150 copies of each.

    Each print is supplied hand numbered and signed by the artist, Anthony Cowland as well as by the author Steve Houghton.

    About the Artist

    Anthony Richard Grenville Cowland.  BA(Hons), FGAvA, MCSD, GMA.

    Tony has exhibited work in many London Exhibitions including the Guild of Aviation Artists and the Royal Society of Marine Artists whilst also having exhibited paintings in Museums (including the RAF Museum) and International Collections. His work as an Illustrator has taken him to countries such as Italy, USA, Canada, Norway, and Switzerland.

    For over two decades, Tony has travelled with the British Army as a War Artist, which has involved frequent visits to United Nations Peace-keeping Zones and Theatres of War such as Iraq and Afghanistan, giving him first-hand experience of front-line activity. Other official trips with British Forces have included visits to the Falkland Islands, Oman, Germany, Cyprus, and Northern Ireland.

    Green Meanie features a British sniper pair circa 1990s stalking through a wooded area.

    Whilst the sniper pauses to observe for a moment his partner provides cover with his L85A2 assault rifle.

    The pair are dressed in DPM (Disruptive Pattern Camouflage) combat clothing with a hessian clad concealment vest for camouflage.

    The L96A1 sniper rifle is illustrated without the bipod fitted and prior to upgrade with its green L13A1 Schmidt & Bender telescope in service.

    The painting is in portrait orientation reproduced onto A3+ size 300 gsm fine art paper with an image size of 29.5cm x 42cm.

    Contact Front features a British army patrol which is engaging Taliban fighters on the edge of a village in Helmand Province.

    The sniper pair in the patrol has gone to ground with the spotter picking out targets through his Avimo binoculars as he directs the sniper’s return fire.

    He has a claymore bag to hand which is utilised for carrying extra magazines of ammunition for the L96 rifle.

    The pair are predominantly dressed in desert DPM combat clothing although the spotter is wearing a temperate DPM shirt which was favoured by many snipers, particularly at night.

    Both are also wearing Osprey Mk2 body armour.

    For camouflage the L96 sniper rifle is heavily clad in desert tan sniper tape and has its bipod deployed.

    The rifle is illustrated post mid-life upgrade with the larger L17A1 Schmidt & Bender telescope shown with battle sights removed.

    The painting is in landscape orientation reproduced onto A3+ size 300 gsm fine art paper with an image size of 44.5cm x 27cm.