• Airgun Pellet Sizer / Checker - .177 or .22 Calibre

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    Lead pellets come in inconsistent sizes and, having been banged around in the storage tins, most pellets are no longer perfectly round and dinged up … especially the pellet skirt. This variance not only affects accuracy but can also affect how easy they are to chamber. 

    This Sizer/Checker not only checks the diameter but also functions at a pass-through die to resize oversized pellets to a perfectly round and accurate diameter. 

    How to Use:

    1) Place Sizer/Checker on a hard flat surface.

    2) Insert airgun pellet nose down into top of Sizer/Checker.

    3) Use Plunger to press pellet through Sizer/Checker 

    4) Pick up Sizer/Checker to  retrieve  sized pellet.

    5) Inspect all pellets before using.

    When not in use,  store  Plunger inside Sizer/Checker to protect it.

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Size: 3/4" Diameter x 1-3/4" Total Length

    Weight: 2.8 oz

    Laser Engraved: For Easy Identification of Caliber

    Available Calibers: .177, .22, .25, .30 *

    * Designed for skirted pellets. Not optimized for "Slugs",

    Download Instructions, Click Here.

    Made in The USA on High Precision American Made CNC Machines.