AMG COMMANDER Shot Timer for IPSC Shooting


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AMG COMMANDER Shot Timer for IPSC Shooting

- Compact, ergonomic design

- Clear and informative display with largest time digits

- Uses any off-shelf batteries

- Up to 17 days of continuous match use on a single set of regular batteries. Even if they are close to depletion, you still have enough time to comfortably finish your match

- Simple, straight forward, intuitive interface with only 3 navigation buttons, one hand operation

- Loud beep: 105dB, 1.5kHz for those who have trouble hearing high frequency tones

- Adjustable beep volume

- Digitally adjustable sensitivity, you can pick up anything, 9mm, .22 cal, AR, Shotgun, PCC, CO2, hammer fall, striker fall, suppressed, you name it, it will hear anything

- Instant or Delayed start

- Multiple Par times

- Presets

- Durable design

- 3 strings memory

- Ability to display 3 strings simultaneously to compare shots

- Auto Power off

- Up to 10 minutes long string time, so you can time those long 3-gun stages

- For over a year every aspect of design was tested extensively in the field by differents shooters, at different ranges, with different guns, different ammo, at types of matches

- Made in USA

UPDATE - FEB 2022 from the manufacturer:  

Due to an ongoing worldwide electronic components shortage and massive supply chain disruptions, we have extended lead time in some cases over 8 weeks.
AMG Lab Team is doing all possible to shorten the wait.