• ARMANOV Ammo Checker 10 Rnd with Quick Transfer Cover and OAL Checker in popular pistol calibres

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    Ammo Checker 10 Rnd with Quick Transfer Cover and OAL Checker

    Quickly find deformed bullets

    Since most malfunctions are ammo related, and most of those relate to deformed, bulging or otherwise defective brass - 
    dropping the ammo into a gauge is an effective way to reduce the chance of a costly malfunction.

    Transfer Your Ammo in Seconds

    With our spring-loaded mechanism, you can quickly transfer 10 rounds at a time to your ammo box thanks to cutouts in the sheet metal plate that hold your ammunition by the case extractor grooves. 

    Just flip the cover together with the full ammo checker, push the sheet metal flap in so that the ammo falls into the cutouts, and then release the flap. 

    Transfer the rounds to your ammo box and push the flap again so the rounds fall out of the cover.

    Simply Check Overall Length

    Position the OAL Checker below the Ammo Checker, and all rounds will stand out for you to inspect.

    You'll find improperly seated bullets and rounds with different bullets this way, and you'll be one step closer to truly uniform ammo.