• AMMO CAN 50 BLUETOOTH SPEAKER - Superior sound quality


    50 CAL - 50 WATTS

    So Cool - A Bluetooth speaker built into a 50 Cal ammo box.

    This speaker is tough, stylish and offers an incredible high quality go anywhere listening experience.

    The Ammocan50 Bluetooth speaker is not a mass-produced product, but hand built and lovingly crafted.

    Each one is unique and the result of hours of careful engineering.

    The Ammocan50 is has been developed over months of design and testing, we have produced many versions and taken the best from each one.

    We feel that the product we are offering now is as good as we can make it and something we are very proud of.

    Get in touch to see how quickly you could have your own Ammocan50.


    Rugged, stylish, and eye-catching design gets the Ammocan50 noticed before you even turn it on.

    This is a unique, high quality speaker system is built into a brand new 50 calibre ammo box.

    2 x 50W RMS Class D stereo audio amplifier gives a clear and powerful sound.

    The speakers give 210 watts of peak power using a glass fibre woven Kevlar cone that even features a unique directional tweeter design, enabling you to angle your sound.

    The Ammocan50 enclosure is sealed, reinforced and acoustically lined to ensure the highest sound quality.

    Military-style power switch with cover, lights up red when the speaker is powered up.

    External LEDS shows power, Bluetooth connection and charging status.

    Front bass port with colour changing LED creates atmosphere, which can also be used as a nightlight.

    Connects in seconds to your phone/tablet or other device via built-in Bluetooth 4.0 module with external antenna to ensure a stable connection.

    Bluetooth pairing reset push button allows you to easily and quickly connect to another device.

    Backwards compatible, you can connect any non-Bluetooth device using the 3.5mm external input. Just plug in and press play.

    For portable use the system is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. It features intelligent under/over voltage charging protection using the supplied 110/240v charger. A single charge gives over 15 hours of playback. Alternatively, it can be powered directly from the mains for use at home.

    We keep the model shown in stock for rapid UK delivery, but we can also make to order a customised version according to your needs.

    Perhaps you would prefer no colour changing LED, or switches and status LED's to be positioned in a different place. Maybe you would like USB and 12v charging or perhaps a longer battery life, just ask.

    Dimensions: 31cm x 20cm x 16cm (W, H, D) Weight: 13 3/4lbs – 6.23Kg

    We offer free tracked courier delivery within the UK.