• ARMANOV - Toolhead for Dillon Super 1050 / RL1100 Quick Change Bushing System


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    This toolhead for Dillon Super 1050 is a real game-changer. It is a drop-in upgrade for the original toolhead with great new features.

    Change any die in seconds

    A completely redesigned toolhead allows quick die change by using toolless Hornady Lock-N-Load Bushing system. Installation is simple and one-time job. LNL bushings (male) are sold separately.

    Integrated LED light

    See clearly what's going on in your workspace. LED lights are bright, kind to eyes and energy efficient.

    High Precision

    The toolhead is precision machined from an aircraft-grade high-strength aluminium to ensure perfect alignment and repeatability.

    Simplified Shellplate Lock Ring

    New, improved Shellplate Lock Ring now needs only one thread-locker instead of 4.


    Additional Die Space

    Now you have one extra general-purpose space for a die on station #4. Depending on your setup, you can use it for expander, FL resizer, trimmer or any other standard die.

    Stiffer, more rigid construction

    The toolhead body is now beefier and structurally stiffer.

    2 ratchets included

    Now both ratchets, for Super 1050 and RL 1100 are supplied with the assembly.