Metric & European Rifle - Cartridge Poster


The Metric and European poster is dedicated to Metric and European Rifle cartridges (that do not use an inch unit designation in their name). It provides a great sampling of the well-known Metric cartridges used throughout Europe, Asia, and Russia as well as some from the Americas. The poster displays over 270 Rifle cartridges - all actual size (measuring within 4/1000 of an inch).


  • Includes sporting as well as military cartridges from the WWI era to current day.
  • Highlights many of the unique European cartridges used in double rifles.
  • Includes cartridges from 4mm (17 Cal) up to 12.7mm (50 Cal) for dangerous game.

Included cartridges: H&K, Sturtevant, Francotte, Tesching, Sako, RWS, Vom Hofe, Mauser, Sauer, Breda, Finnish, Forster, Freras, Arisaka, Mannlicher, Greek, Daudeteau, Romanian, Russian, Swiss, Dutch, Roth, Larsen, Jorgens, Carcano, Brenneke, CETME, Czech, Norma, Turk, Guedes, Belgian, Albini, Grundig, Murata, Schuler, Vetterli, Collath, Norwegian, Nimrod, and more.

Poster dimension: 38x27 inches. Images are full color on High gloss / High quality 100lb poster paper

Shipping: Posters are packaged in mailing tubes. Multiple poster orders will be combined into a single mailing tube with reduced shipping costs. Packages are insured. If you receive a damaged tube please Refuse Delivery. The package will be returned and a replacement poster will be issued.