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    Bradley Arms was Started by Mark Bradley.

    A shooter since childhood, starting with his trusty Chinese .177 air rifle on lizard hunts in the Middle East where he spent his early years. Eventually he progressed onto firearms at about the same time as the Dunblane tragedy. Not deterred by the adverse publicity, he swapped pistols for rifles and entered into the rifle shooting sports. After a period of learning, he became somewhat adept at hitting the target in the right place!

    During all this, Mark served an apprenticeship as a Toolmaker but eventually moved on to other corners of the engineering sector.

    It was a culmination of a need to tinker that turned his attention to gunsmithing, and he has been on many trips to the US learning from some of the best respected gunsmiths today.

    Eventually, after pressure from colleagues, he finally applied for his own RFD.

    When Mark became ill in 2018, it was decided that longtime friend and fellow shooter Nick St Aubyn would continue to run Bradley Arms.

    Nick has an engineering background and has been shooting fullbore rifles for the last 30 years. Currently an active Civilian Service Rifle shooter and he also sits on the NRA Shooting Committee as discipline rep for CSR, Practical and Sniping disciplines.

    Here at Bradley Arms we particularly specialise in the AR15/AR10 for fellow CSR shooters, but a variety of firearms pass through our workshops. 

    If you’re looking for an AR15 or AR10 type rifle of any type, please feel free to get in touch!


    Whatever the specification of AR15 type rifle you are looking for, we can build it. We have built ARs in a vast number of different configurations and calibres. Left, right, or ambi cocking, long or short barrels, in .22LR up to .300 Whisper. If your requirements are for hunting, gallery rifle, practical rifle, service rifle or Highpower rifle – we can build it!

    Our rifles have been used to win a vast number of competitions over the years – proof that we know what we are doing, and do it well!

    Our upper and lowers are manufactured to our specifications and provide a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. 

    We start with your requirements and custom build your rifle to order, while we carry stock of some of the more popular configurations.

    Here at Bradley Arms, you think it, we build it !

    Prices from £2000