Parent Case - Cartridge Poster


  • Displays 6 of the more popular and influential hunting cartridges at 200% scale.
  • Displays 4 to 5 popular hunting cartridges at 100% scale built from the same parent case.
  • A game animal is displayed that each cartridge covers.
  • The poster shows that a parent case is necked up to fire a larger/heavier bullet or necked down to fire a smaller/lighter bullet.
  • There are many other parent cases and cartridges of interest. This is just a sample to illustrate the concept of Parent Case.

The Parent Case cartridge poster visually simplifies the vastness and complexities of hunting cartridges available in the US. The poster takes six of the most well-known and influential hunting cartridges (223 Remington, 30-30 Win, 308 Win, 30-06 Springfield, 300 Winchester Magnum and 378 Weatherby Magnum) and shows them at 200 percent scale. It then displays four or five popular cartridges at (100% scale) that are formed from the same parent case as each of the previous 6. In total, the poster showcases 32 cartridges and provides a beautiful background image of a game animal that each cartridge can effectively cover from fox to elephant.

The result helps the reader to understand that the world’s vast array of cartridges can be broken down into parent case groupings. And that within each parent case grouping there is an ascending order of caliber, velocity, power, and recoil. In addition, that parent case (size and features) determines overall power potential of a given cartridge and where it lies in comparison to cartridges of other parent cases. 

A usage example might be a hunter that is confident in a 308 Winchester/Short Action Rifle is looking for a larger caliber cartridge with a heavier bullet for increased stopping power on bigger game. If minimizing recoil or sticking with a short action rifle is a priority, (before jumping to a belted magnum) starting with a 308 sized cartridge may be in their best interest. Another example could be hunting elk but any recoil greater than a 308 Win is unacceptable. A 7mm-08 or 260 Remington are built on the same case as the 308 and have similar powder charges.

Furthermore many hunters are unaware that a 458 and 338 Win Mag share the same case as a 7mm Rem Mag.

Poster dimension: 24x36 inches. Images are full color on High gloss / High quality 100lb poster paper.

Shipping: Posters are packaged in mailing tubes. Multiple poster orders will be combined into a single mailing tube with reduced shipping costs. Packages are insured. If you receive a damaged tube please Refuse Delivery. The package will be returned and a replacement poster will be issued.