Bundle Combo Deal: Double Alpha Academy Knee and Elbow Pads - Protect Yourself

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Bundle Combo Deal: Double Alpha Academy Knee and Elbow Pads - Protect Yourself

CED/DAA Knee Pads

The new CED/DAA knee pads are contoured into a streamline design featuring EVA and shock absorption materials.
Constructed of 1680D polyester fabric on the front panel of the knee pad, with a flexible yet rugged PVC (faux leather) cover pad for additional protection from sharp stones and brass.
Quick release and fully adjustable elastic straps are designed to easily connect and disconnect, giving the user fast attachment over the pants when needed for a course of fire.

These knee pads are designed by shooters, for shooters. Designed to give you durable, sufficient protection even when sliding to your knees from a full run. Without being too heavy, too bulky or cumbersome. They will offer you the protection you need when going to those low ports, without interfering with your movement through the rest of the stage.

DAA Elbow Pads

Competitive shooting often requires fast manoeuvring on stages of fire where dropping to one's knees, bending under low fixtures, or going prone may be required.
Protection of the knee area is vital in preventing injuries.
CED and Double-Alpha Academy have teamed up in designing a protective yet very functional product for the competitive shooter today.
The CED Knee Pad Set consists of two knee pads made with two layers of foam padding assembled into three sections, which in turn allow flexible movement while providing a custom tapered fit.
The CED Knee Pads can be worn over pants with easy attachment. No need to pull them over the shoes.
The two adjustable straps attach quickly and easily around the leg using Velcro straps. Easy on /easy off!