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The Railway sight quickly attaches to Weaver and Picatinny rail style scope mounts. This enables the Railway to be attached to virtually anything! Shotguns, rifles, handguns, revolvers, crossbows, paint ball guns; these are just a few of the applications the Railway has seen. The sight can be easily detached and installed on other weapons, making it the most versatile in the C-MORE line up.


Unlike traditional tube style scopes which can obstruct the field of view and cause a "tunnel vision" effect, the C-MORE Heads-Up Display provides an unobstructed sight picture in which the red dot hovers on the sight line, illuminating the point of impact on the target, creating the fastest target acquisition in existence.


Both eyes open operation allows full use of your peripheral vision. This allows you to quickly identify and acquire targets without leaving your sight picture.


The C-MORE uses a 29mm beam-splitter lens made of glass, not plastic. The lens is hard coated for maximum scratch resistance while the parallax free design enables targets to be acquired without the need to center the dot in the lens. Basically, the dot can be located anywhere in the lens and it will represent the point of impact, even if the lens is shattered or obstructed.


The Click switch, with its click adjustable function, has 12 positive positions in which each position is assigned a brightness setting. The 2 Night Vision settings (low and high) can only be seen through NV equipment. The low light setting is 1/2 as bright as the lowest setting on the standard switch. This setting is a must if you are using the sight in low light (hunting, indoor range, other). The final 8 positions give you a wide range of adjustment, with the maximum power setting being bright enough to handle the brightest light condition. The adjustment knob is larger than the standard switch knob.


A 3 volt lithium battery is used to power the sight, providing a long battery life of 300 to 1500 hours of continuous use. Due to the nature of the circuit, when a battery begins to lose power, the sight will never abruptly "shut down" and leave you stranded. You will notice well in advance the dot appearing to dim gradually while in use, indicating the battery should be replaced soon.


Available in Black with a 6MOA dot.