• German Sport Guns - GSG & Sig Sauer / Mauser made 1911 .22lr Recoil Shock Buffer - Shok Buff 3 Pack

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    The Shock Buffer is a must for the serious shooter.

    It replaces your factory rubber O-ring found on the pistol's guide rod and cushions the impact of the slide as it travels rearward upon firing.

    Constructed of Polyurethane and is impervious to solvents and oils commonly used to clean and lube firearms.

    Latest batch are in BLUE !

    1) Disassembly pistol and remove guide rod

    2) Remove worn or original O-Ring (factory buffer) found at the base of the guide rod

    3) Insert Recoil Shock Buffer over the end of guide rod

    4) Reassemble pistol taking note of Horseshoe orientation of Recoil Shock Buffer so that it faces the barrel