• DAA 22mm Square Patches 3 Colours Available - Suitable for all target surfaces in Buff Cardboard / Black / White

    £5.00 £4.99

    The DAA Target Patches are custom made to perfectly color-match the most commonly used cardboard targets, making the patches practically invisible on the cardboard background.

    This quality patch material is humidity and frost resistant, allowing these patches to be applied in almost any weather conditions.

    Our patches are not the standard 20mm-round that so many others offer!

    We custom made our patches to be 22.x22mm square, which allows them to cover a much larger area.

    You will find the DAA patches easier and faster to apply to cover up holes without having to make such an effort to “aim” your patches as you apply them.

    These work perfectly well in the CED Deluxe Patch Gun.

    1,000 patches per rolls, and 10 rolls pack in a sleeve.