• DAA Golden Multi Gauge for 9mm .40S&W .38Super & .45acp - Clymer Chamber Reamer finished


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    Never be without the right test gauge again!

    This compact 4 pocket gauge offers you all 4 popular calibers in one piece - 9mm, .38Super, .40SW and .45ACP.

    The gauge is machined from top quality aluminium and anodized in gold colour.

    The gauge pockets are finished using Clymer chamber finishing reamers, to ensure absolute correct dimensions.

    The Multi Gauge measures only 16x52x32mm and is small enough to fit into any pocket or tool box.

    The height is purposely cut shorter than other gauges, so that the tip of the bullet head sticks out.

    If a bullet gets stuck, as reloaded ammo often does - you can simply push it loose from below with your finger, without having to pick up a tool.

    It includes a small eyelet which allows you to hang it on a key chain.

    A must have item in every range bag!