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    The IDPA PDR PRO-II holster incorporates our latest generation Kydex holster body, as used in the popular PDR PRO-II holster. It is an efficient, fast holster body, available for many popular gun types for both right and left handed shooters.

    The PDR-PRO-II holster body does not include the Suede lining that the PDR offers, making it more suitable for competition use, where speed and ease of draw are paramount. Attaching this PDR-PRO-II body to our Belt-Ride Ambidextrous Hanger, makes this holster a perfect choice for IDPA competitors or for general carry and range use.

    The bare Kydex cannot be beaten for speed, quick release and smooth draw. Tension adjustment is done by turning one, or both Phillips head screws, which are accessible from the outside of the holster body, while worn.

    This hanger positions the holster body up close against the body and provides you a solid, yet tilt adjustable holster mount. It can be used with 1.5-2” wide belts and is fully ambidextrous, working equally well for RH or LH holsters. If you are using the belt spacers (most will, as most use a 1.5” belt) you can choose to have those spacers both above, below, or one above and one below the belt as you thread it through. This will provide you some height adjustment.

    Available for right or left handed shooters, in Black only.

    Holster compatibility: Click here.

    The Alpha-X Competition Holsters are compatible with the following pistols:

    • 1911 Government
    • CANIK
    • CZ SHadow 2, CZ SP01
    • Glock
    • Grand Power X-Cal
    • H&K USP
    • Springfield XDM 5.25"
    • SIG 1911MAX, SIG 226, SIG 228, SIG P320, SIG P320 X5, SIG P320 RX, SIG P320 X5 Legion
    • STI, STI DVC 2011, Staccato
    • S&W M&P 4.25", S&W M&P 5.0"
    • Tanfoglio, Tanfoglio Stock 2, Tanfoglio Stock 3

    Belt not included