• DAA Match-Ready Cleaning Kit


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    DAA Match-Ready Cleaning Kit

    The DAA Match-Ready Cleaning Kit is the perfect, comprehensive pistol cleaning and maintenance kit for the dedicated IPSC/USPSA shooter. With this kit in your range bag, you will have at hand all you need to clean and maintain your pistols at the range or in your hotel room. It’s designed as a self-contained travel cleaning kit for the serious shooter.

    The kit allows for extra space for storage of spare parts or additional cleaning items of choice.  A 2nd, mostly empty utility box conveniently stores your small spare parts or allows you a separated area to store dirty rags and/or oilers or grease.

    The kit is packed into a high-quality, custom-made EVA hard-case, with a large, heavy-duty #10 zipper for quick access and durability.

    Your DAA Match Ready Cleaning Kit includes the following features and accessories:

    • EVA case, measuring externally 32x18x7cm
    • Neoprene color-printed cleaning mat, 30x42cm     
    • Plastic utility box containing a Universal Barrel Cleaning kit:
      • 1pc multi-functional fitting handle
      • 2pc 5mm brass rod
      • 1pc flexible cable with connecting thread (Approx. 80cm long)
      • 3pcs bronze brushes (.22cal,.30cal,.357/9mm)
      • 3pcs cotton mops (22cal,.30cal,.357/9mm)
      • 2pcs plastic patch holder (1for.232-.30cal, 1for 9mm)
      • 1pc chamber brush (.22cal)
      • 1pc utility brush
      • 1 bag of patches
    • Plastic utility box for spare parts, including:
      • Empty 35ml oiler bottle, for the oil of your choice
      • 1m long gun-cleaning fabric, 10cm wide
    • Green Pouch with Gunsmithing tools, including:
      • small steel hammer with brass and plastic heads, plus a bit holder in the handle
      • 18 bits, including Allen keys, Torx keys, Philips and Flat head
      • A 4-piece Punch Set
    • Black Pouch, holding the following 
      • Nylon utility brush
      • Stainless steel utility brush
      • Bronze hand brush
      • Stainless steel hook tool
      • 2 pcs plastic hooks
    • Circular gun rope cleaner, suitable for 9/38/40 calibers
    • Gas-tube Pipe Cleaners, pack of 50.