• DAA Toolhead LED Lighting PCB for Dillon & DAA Toolhead LED Lighting Controller Unit


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    There is only 1 item left in stock.
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    DAA Toolhead LED Lighting Controller Unit

    The DAA ToolHead LED Lighting Controller unit will power any of the DAA LED toolhead lights, be it the small 550 board with 4 LEDs  or all the way up to the largest Mark7 board with its 10 LEDs. The smart electronics identifies the board and powers it correctly in every case.

    The compact, custom made controller and housing unit includes a roller type ON/OFF switch which also provides a Dimmer feature enabling you to set the light just to your preference.

    The controller unit includes:

    • Controller unit with ON/OFF/DIMMER roller switch
    • A short 30cm cable to connect the controller to the board.
    • A Velcro double-side tab to glue to controller to your press.
    • A 110/220 power supply with 2M lead, and two sets of prongs (US and EU)

    DAA Toolhead LED Lighting PCB - Dillon 650/750

    Enjoy a perfectly lit shell-plate as you reload on your Dillon XL650/750 with our DAA Toolhead LED Lights. Make your reloading easier and less strenuous on the eyes, while avoiding mistakes in your reloading process.

    The DAA ToolHead LED lighting PCB is made of a high quality Aluminum PCB board, making it stronger and stiffer than normal plastic PCBs. It’s white color increases light reflection making the board even more effective.

    The ToolHead LED lights ship pre-fitted with a precisely cut, high-quality double-sided adhesive tape, enabling you to firmly and permanently attach the board to the underside of your toolhead.

    We designed our tool head PCBs to carry only the LED lights and connector plug, moving all other electronics from LED board to the controller unit.

    This allows us to offer the boards at a cheaper price, saving you big when you need multiple boards for your multiple toolheads. And since the same controller can power all boards – only one controller is needed, even if you use more than one model of reloading machine.

    The XL650/750 model PCB has 5 bright LED lights. All type boards can be powered by our custom built controller unit, which identifies the board type it is plugged into and then drives it correctly supplying it voltage and current to support its number of LEDs.

    You can only use these LED boards with a DAA controller unit and cable!

    The controller unit includes a Dimmer feature, so you adjust the light to be perfect for you.

    The boards are sold separately.