• DAA Wrist Band with Velcro Pad for CED 7000 Timers with velcro option


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    The DAA Wrist Band with Velcro Pad  is a lightweight compact wrist strap, which forms a large area of Velcro on your wrist.

    This enables you to carry your CED7000 shot timer, once equipped with the DAA Tactical CED7000 Skin and Velcro tab, to this wrist holder, freeing both your hands to safely run the stage.

    The two layer construction, with comfortable neoprene inner layer, allow for a wide range of size adjustability creating a one-size-fits-all solution.

    You can rotate the strap around so the Velcro area is on the outside or inside of your arm, to suite your carry preference.

    The Velcro loops will hold securely on to the 40mm round Velcro tab on the timer, holding it reliably in place, even as you move around the stage.