• DILLON BOOK - A Memoir - The Mike Dillon Story

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    DILLON: A Memoir - The Mike Dillon Story

    A Life of Warbirds, Reloaders & Machine Guns

    By Michael John Dillon, with Carol McCoy Dillon

    Imagine living a daily life full of high flying and explosive adventure. In Mike Dillon’s memoir, you’ll experience dogfighting in rare, historic warbirds.

    Then on this same day, go from pulling Gs to tinkering with exotic machine guns and firing thousands of rounds of ammunition.

    Through his legendary life, Mike Dillon brings thrill seeking to a new altitude that you now can experience.

    Discover how Mike transitions from a career in aviation to achieving worldwide notoriety in the firearms industry.

    After capturing the retail marketplace with his quality reloading machines, Mike then re-designs a weapon for the military.

    Thanks to his ingenuity, the electric Gatling Gun becomes one of the most fearsome machine guns in the history of warfare. In his thrilling life story, travel along with Mike as his journey unfolds and he navigates his creative path to success.