Dillon Precision - Reloading Press Universal Depriming Decapping Die Part No. 22127

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Universal Depriming Die

The Dillon Precision Universal Decapping Die is a standard 7/8"-14 die with a solid, hardened steel, decapping pin in an unlined steel die body.

The Universal Decapping Die allows you to remove spent primers without any resizing of the brass. Works with all standard pistol and rifle cartridge sizes from 22 through 45.

Allows you to remove spent primers prior to trimming with our RT1500 Electric Case Trimmer (sold separately)

The Universal Decapping die allows brass to be deprimed prior to cleaning when processing brass.

Cleaner primer pockets help to maintain consistent primer seating depth and ignition.

The Universal Decapping die works in all machines that accept standard 7/8"-14 dies.