• Double Alpha Academy: CED BRASS DRYER


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    The ideal mate for the CED Brass Tornado is the new CED Brass Dryer. A great way to speed the drying process to under ONE hour, allowing the user to wet rotary tumble brass to a brand new looking clean shine in under one hour, separate the solution and media in under five minutes, and dry the brass in under an hour. Completing the entire operation in the same amount of time (two hours or less) used to normally clean and polish brass in a vibratory tumbler, but with far superior results. Wet Tumbling produces the BEST results of any method of cleaning brass and the CED Brass Dryer produces the FASTEST and easiest drying results.

    The CED Brass Dryer comes with five clear drying trays. Each tray can hold up to 150 pcs. of pistol brass (aprx. 80 pcs. of rifle), allowing up to 750 pieces of brass to be dried at one time. CED two year warranty!

    - ON/OFF Power Selector w/LED Indicator
    - Variable Heat Selection from 95’F to 155’F (35’C to 68’C)
    - LED Digital Temperature Display
    - Includes 5 clear Drying Trays
    - 250 watts of drying power
    - 110V or 220V Models available