• Double Alpha Academy - DAA - Range Officer Assist Kit

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    DAA Range Officer Assist Kit 2.0

    “Why include printed cards with rules?” customers asked us, “we have the rule book on our phones!” 

    And there is logic to that.

    So we decided to take that comment to heart and update our Range Officer Assist Kit to be more useful and practice.

    We removed the rule book cards and replacement them with a flat credit card knife.

    The new kit utilizers the same smart looking aluminum black anodized case, which has a little extra room for business cards.

    The kit now includes:

    • Aluminum case 
    • Two DAA IPSC Scoring Overlay gauge, allowing you to use one as a line marker
    • A 3X power magnifying card
    • A flat folding steel knife with plastic handle, with DAA logo laser engraved.
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