• By MAGLOAD for use with DAA product - Enlarged Holster Lock Lever for Handgun Insert Block used in Race Mast & Alpha-X style

    £11.00 £9.00

    Enlarged DAA Holster Lock Lever for Handgun Insert Blocks - Race Master and Alpha-X Series Holsters

    • Polymer Construction

    • Easier Latch Operation

    • Drop-In Upgrade

    Flick your holster lock on and off with ease with our enlarged holster lock lever!

    Why not add a bit of flair or even colour code your holster blocks too?

    Simple installation in under 2 minutes, no modification required and easily reversible.

    Compatible with Double Alpha Race Master and Alpha X holster blocks, please ensure your trigger guard does not extend out of the back of your block or the enlarged lever will foul.

    Just remove your insert block (2 allen screws) from your holster and push out the silver pin with a small allen key or piece of wire -  safety pin worked for me - swap the lever over and replace the small pin - 2 minutes even for me !!  Check my photos above on how easy this is to do.

    Works a treat and stopped my bleeding thumb nail !!!