Federal Primers - Small Pistol Magnum No. 200 per 100 box - COLLECT ONLY - Conditions apply

£20.00 £17.50


When affordability and reliability are important, the Federal® Champion™ line of centerfire primers are the best option. These products let you shoot all day, and still have money left over to shoot again the next. They're great for high-volume shooters, as well as those learning how to reload.

A valid Firearm Certificate is required to purchase this item.

This product can not be posted - collect only.

During the global primer shortage, we are still able to supply primers whilst stocks last, based on a combined purchase of the equivalent amount of powder and projectiles purchased from us.

Please email us stating what calibre, powder and bullet type/weight you require.

We can then prepare your order for collection or pick up at one of the UK gun shows.

A valid Firearm Certificate showing the appropriate calibre is required to acquire.