• Firing Solutions Self-Sealing Reactive Targets - Square, Round, Pepper Poppers


    Our new collection of Firing Solutions Self-Sealing Reactive Targets:

    - 4 Different IPSC Designs

    - Material thickness 25mm, self-standing

    Our plastic targets can be integrated into our existing steel base assortment with a special axle.

    The 2/3 Classic Popper, which is built into our steel base, then with the integrated triggering device, can reliably trigger all our motion targets.

    Customised shapes available on request.

    Plate square 150x150mm £23
    Plate round Ø 200mm £26
    Classic-Popper 2/3 £39
    Classic-Trainings-Popper (40cm) £31

    Plate in steel base round or square £115
    CP ( 40 cm) in steel base £140
    CP2/3 in steel base with integrated triggering device £175

    As used in our IPSC Intermediate & Advanced Training Courses. 

    These appear to be lasting a lot longer than other makes when engaged with centrefire calibres.

    Please contact us for shipping quotes as these now vary depending on your location.