• Full Moon Clip S&W 627 38/357 8 Shot

    £5.00 £4.95

    Full Moon Clip for .38/357 8 Shot N FrameRevolvers

    Fits Winchester Brass

    Fits just about every kind of brass

    S&W 627 8 shot 38 Spacial/357 Magnum and .38 Short Colt  also Korth NXS & NXA

    Product Description

    Have those next eight (or eighty) rounds at the ready when you use these moon clips for your S&W Model 627 .38/.357.  

    No need to reload by hand when you’ve got those next 10 moon clips loaded and ready to go.

    • Package of full moon clips for the Smith & Wesson Model 627 8-shot .38 Special/.357
    • 0.020″ thick. These moon clips are compatible with every type of brass we’ve ever tried, including Remington Federal, Starline, and Winchester.
    • Made from steel. Compatible with moon clip holders with magnets.
    • Compatible with Model 327, aka TRR8

    Our moon clips were designed for the shooter who wants to be able to use moon clips without having special moon clip tools. We wanted moon clips for the rest of us who love the gun but hate the moon clips.

    If you just want to shoot and have fun and hate loading and unloading moon clips, Speed Beez moon clips moon clips are for you! Grab some today and you’ll be impressed.  That being said, if you are a competitor you may not like them, and they weren’t designed with the competitor in mind.