• GSG 1911 .22lr Spare Part Kit from German Sport Guns

    £45.00 £39.99

    For the more experienced shooter, take on the GSG Spare Parts Kit and never miss a minute of fun over a lost part.

    If you’re capable of doing range repairs, this is the perfect kit for you!

    This kit comes standard with:

    1 Firing Pin
    1 Polish bottle 3ml
    1 Pressure spring
    1 Extractor
    1 Slide stop plunger
    1 Barrel fixing pin
    1 Safety lock plunger
    4 grip screws
    1 Magazine safety spring
    1 Magazine safety
    1 Washer
    1 Cache disc
    1 Screw with flat head
    1 Level indicator
    1 Plate
    1 Set screw
    1 Grub screw

    As used by UK Team GSG - essential for your competition range bag.

    UK shipping only.