GSG 1911 Magazine Upgrade Kit - 5 Pack - Black Base Pad


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Convert five of your 22LR magazines and save with the bundled 5-Pack of basepads, followers and springs. The High Capacity Magazine Upgrade converts your factory 10 round magazine to a 16 round magazine! 

With a round in the chamber and 16 in the mag, that's 17 rounds in gun!  

The High Capacity Magazine Upgrade replaces the factory plastic basepad and factory follower with with an aluminum +3 (Plus 3) basepad and High Capacity Follower. 

The +3 basepad is also longer than the factory plastic basepad and allows for more positive seating of the magazine in the gun. 

The extra length is a great feature for 1911 pistols with magwells where seating a flush magazine can be difficult. 

Additionally the aluminum construction is more durable than factory plastic basepads making your magazine less prone to breakage upon dropping. 

This upgrade includes 5 replacement magazine springs for your worn out factory springs. Choose between two colors of Blue or Orange!

Also available as individual components.