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    Unlock Cylinder Without Repositioning Grip Hand For Fast Reloads

    Oversized, extended cylinder release latch allows you to unlock the cylinder without having to reposition your grip hand. 

    Ensures fast reloads for an extra edge in competition. 

    The extended arm’s unique geometry maximizes leverage and allows the shooter to bring substantially greater force to bear with less movement than needed to operate the factory latch. 

    Oversized thumb pad with deeply grooved face offers solid, nonslip contact and is angled to further improve leverage. 

    Standard model is a short, compact design that fits most shooters with average hand size. 

    Long model is slightly longer to accommodate shooters with small hands.

    Taurus model requires some fitting due to variances in the original Taurus production

    SPECS: Stainless steel. 

    Standard - .98” (25mm) long, 

    Long - 1.24” (31.5mm) long. 

    Fits Smith & Wesson K, L and N frame revolvers. 

    Some fitting may be required.