• Introducing the DAA Ballistic Range Bag - Double pistol bag in a choice of 3 colours - External dimensions: 56 x 32 x 25 cm

    £125.00 £114.95

    Introducing the DAA Ballistic Range Bag – a meticulously designed shoulder-carry bag that caters to your every need on the shooting range.

    This essential range bag has been thoughtfully crafted both internally and externally to provide an excellent range experience.

    Constructed to exceed expectations, the DAA Ballistic Range Bag boasts a rugged 600D external material that encases a lightweight polymer inner shell, blending durability and structure. This ergonomic design ensures that the bag maintains its form even under demanding conditions.

    A removable and adjustable partition within the main compartment, affords you the flexibility to tailor the bag's interior to your requirements. This adaptability ensures that your gear, whether firearms, ammunition, or accessories, is organised and secure.

    With three strategically positioned side pockets this bag provides ample storage space. The large, wide front pocket is lockable for added security. Within, you'll find a removable 8-piece magazine rack, and a generously sized zippered mesh storage.

    Enhanced comfort takes precedence with an oversized and luxuriously padded shoulder strap. Crafted with your comfort in mind, it facilitates easy transport while its steel hardware attachments reinforce its strength and endurance, ensuring it stands up to the rigours of regular use.

    The craftsmanship of the DAA Ballistic Range Bag is a testament to its longevity, as all seams are double-stitched. This feature ensures that the bag maintains its structural integrity even through the toughest conditions, guaranteeing you years of service.

    Presented in three popular colour options – Black, Grey, and FDE (Flat Dark Earth) – this range bag not only delivers outstanding functionality but also offers a striking modern tactical appearance.

    Elevate your range experience with the DAA Ballistic Range Bag – where meticulous design, robust materials, and impeccable craftsmanship converge to provide a storage/transport solution that caters to every shooter's demands.

    External features include:

    • Large thickly padded shoulder strap
    • Carry handle with padding
    • Velcro front strip for logos or name tags
    • Upper slit Velcro pad for additional tags or Molle attachments.
    • 2 steel D-Loops on the side of the bag for attachment to carts
    • Side admin pocket with additional internal dividers
    • Side dump pocket
    • Large, lockable front pocket
    • Large plastic “feet” to protect the base of the bag

    Internal features include:

    • Detachable 8-pc magazine holder rack
    • Two pistol Insert Sleeves in matching colour are included.
    • Removable Polymer inner frame provides structure and additional protection
    • Main compartment partition wall, removable.
    • Additional internal zipper pockets for storage of smaller items

    Dimensions and weight:

    • Weight: 3.4 kg
    • External dimensions: 56 x 32 x 25 cm
    • Main compartment internal dimensions: 46 x 26 x 22 cm