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    Sorry too many quality issues so we no longer support this brand:

    Watch out for a batch of substandard rejects that customers have purchased elsewhere.. they are flimsy card and do not have scoring zones on the white face !

    UKPSA TriPak brand is shown on the left and the Minis are on the bottom row so you can compare with the DAA brand (right).

    SORRY WE HAVE DISCONTINUED THIS MAKE OF TARGET DUE TO QC CONCERNS - Our Other IPSC Targets continue to have great uniformity in manufacture,

    A pack of 100 pieces, top quality, miniature 2/3 (60% size) IPSC cardboard targets, with well market score lines and firm wafer structure. 

    The back side of the targets are white, which make them perfect to use as hard cover or No-Shoot targets however the scoring lines are very feint so may need to be arbitrated prior to any official match use.

    The smaller size makes these perfect for practice simulating longer distance than you may have on your range, allowing you to better prepare for those long distance shots. Or use them for Airsoft, where shorter distances are called for.

    - Authorised for UKPSA use

    Collection can be arranged or local delivery in the Bisley / Southern area.

    Any quantity available / any style - let us tailor your order to suit your practice or club competition requirements.  

    Ask about target sponsorship for National, Charity or Youth events. 

    We are committed to the growth of our sport.