FREE UKPSA Safety & Training Courses - Handgun / Short Firearm Safety Instruction


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UKPSA Approved Training Courses -  Safety Course

UKPSA Safety Courses are offered on a non-profit basis.  

Our courses are priced to promote the sport and not for profit - from £85.00 Long or Short Firearm Courses are free to our loyal customers.

Our home range is in North Hampshire.

The UKPSA levy a £15.00 fee for certification on successful completion of the course.

We do our best to promote IPSC, do not charge for our time and only charge for range use, consumables like targets and patches, travel and accommodation expenses if applicable, we even offer the best choice of CCI ammunition for use on courses at discounted prices !

All our handgun instructors are long serving IPSC veterans with over 30 years experience in the sport. 

Want to become an instructor ?  We offer T3 training seminars.

We offer Intermediate and Advanced training with long standing members of the UK IPSC Team overseas, in the EU and sunny Florida several times a year.

The training will usually include 5 matches per week with fullbore handgun, including the Extreme matches which are very challenging and enjoyable.

The Intermediate and Advanced courses can be attended once a student has completed the Safety Course. 

These involve extensive skills polishing with UKPSA IPSC Grand Masters with over 35 years International practical shooting experience.

( Not available for online purchase - you pay the Instructor direct - so no middle man and all the money goes back in to our sport )