• KleenBore 12 Gauge Shotgun Chambermate Brush available with or without handle

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    12 Gauge Shotgun Chambermate Brush available with or without handle


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    12 GA ChamberMate™ Chamber Brush


    The KleenBore Chambermate 12 Gauge brushes are a tapered heavy duty cleaning brush that are designed to clean out fouling such as excessive wad fouling and unburned powder from the chamber of 12 GA Shotguns.

    This brush is commonly used in conjunction with the KleenBore ChamberMate 12 GA tool #SC225.



    • Heavy-duty tapered phosphor bronze bristles
    • Good for cleaning choke tubes, chamber, muzzle ports, forcing cones, and more
    • Compatible with KleenBore ChamberMate Shotgun Cleaning Tool
    • #5/16-27 American Std. Shotgun Threads
    • Made in USA


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    12 Gauge ChamberMate™ Rod & Brush Combo


    KleenBore Chambermate shotgun cleaning tool is great from removing plastic and powder fouling from chambers and the choke area.

    Helps in cleaning muzzle ports during use as well. 

    The ChamberMate is a rugged shotgun tool that has a durable aluminium rod and fixed T Handle.


    Excellent tool for cleaning 12 GA Chambers/Chokes

    • Large Diameter Aluminum Rod #5/16-27 Threads
    • Heavy Duty 12 GA Phosphor Bronze ChamerMate Chamber Brush
    • Made in USA