• KleenBore Premium Super Carbon Fibre Rifle Cleaning Rod

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    The KleenBore Premium Super Carbon Fibre Rifle Cleaning Rod is a high-quality cleaning rod design to be lightweight, durable, and include non-marring properties. 


    The carbon fibre construction ensures effective and safe cleaning of your rifle's bore.




    Super Carbon Fibre Construction: The cleaning rod is made from super high-strength carbon fibre material that won’t permanently bend or break under pressure. This provides exceptional rigidity and strength while keeping the overall weight low.  The Carbon fibre also offers excellent chemical resistance and does not promote corrosion or rusting.

    Full Size Handle: The full-size ergonomic handle with built in ball bearings rotates freely to allow for maximum rifle bore cleaning in the lands and grooves of the barrel.   Anti-Slide handle Design includes a hang hole for easy and convenient storage.

    Super Carbon Rod: The super carbon fibre rod material offers a balance of flexibility and stiffness. It is designed to provide just the right amount of flexibility to navigate through the barrel's twists and turns while maintaining enough stiffness for effective cleaning action.

    Lightweight and Manoeuvrable: Thanks to its carbon fibre composition, this cleaning rod is significantly lighter than traditional metal rods. The lightweight design makes it easy to handle and manoeuvre, reducing user fatigue during extended cleaning sessions.

    Non-Marring and Gentle: The carbon fibre material is inherently non-marring, meaning it won't scratch or damage the delicate rifling inside your firearm's barrel. This feature ensures the longevity and accuracy of your rifle.

    #8-32 Threads: Super Carbon Rod allows you to attach various American Mfg. cleaning brushes, jags, and tips, ensuring compatibility with different cleaning components.

    Easy Maintenance: Carbon fibre cleaning rods are easy to clean and maintain. Simply wipe them down after use, and they'll be ready for your next cleaning session.


    The carbon fibre material is resistant to solvents, oils, and other cleaning chemicals.



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