• KORTH - Super Sport GTS Long Barrel Revolver & Optional Performance Kit


    The Latest Model from Korth - The Super Sport GTS

    The experiences and suggestions for improvement of our customers and professional shooters have been incorporated into the new SuperSport Revolver GTS.

    A triple-lock cylinder ensures maximum stability, better locking action and precise positioning of the cylinder. 

    The Picatinny Rail integrated in the frame enables the red dot sight to be mounted lower and far to the rear. 

    The multi-position sight is equipped with a rotatable front sight as standard and is integrated in the barrel housing. 

    The height, windage and gap adjustment is done directly on the rear sight. 

    The extended, sporty cylinder release at the rear left is easy to operate for left and right-handers. 

    Ventilated and fitted barrel housing ensures faster cooling of the gun with high firing rates and better weight balance.

    Caliber: .357 Magnum / 6 Shot
    Weight: 3.52 lb / 1.511 kg
    Height: 6.3 inch
    Lenght total: 24.99 inch
    Width: 1.57 inch
    Barrel length: 12.1 inch

    Cold-hammered precision barrel
    DLC coating
    Elevation, windage and gap adjustment on the rear sight
    Barrel housing with Picatinny rails at the bottom for attaching accessories
    Four-way adjustable multi-position sights
    Integrated Picatinny Rail in the frame
    Rotatable Front sight with 3 different widths
    Removable Front sight plates
    Double & single action
    Jim Wilson grip
    Possibility of adjusting the main spring from the outside
    Small pressure point wheel for different trigger characteristics
    2 reserve firing pins

    The following optional accessories are available:

    Changeable cylinder including Crane in 9 mm Luger (shooting without clips)
    Changeable cylinder including Crane in .38 Special
    Changeable cylinder including Crane in 9 mm Luger with moonclip cut

    Technical modifications reserved

    Sorry no Part Exchanges nor Dealer dealer discounts.

    When you buy from the Firing Solutions you have access to Team Korth UK's Primer Reserve.  

    Each Korth Revolver has 5000 primers ring fenced for our customers.



    OPTIONAL PERFORMANCE KIT +10% Surcharge (Subject to confirmation)

    The Performance Kit includes the following accessories:

    Barrel weight 0.45 lbs
    Barrel weight 0,16 lbs
    Compensator set 087 lbs
    Additional multi-position sights
    Front sight with gold inlay
    Fiber optic front sight
    Fiber optic rear sight
    Target rear sight
    Additional Front sight plates (DSB)
    Speedloader cal. .357 / .38

    Bank Transfer Payment Only Please