• LOS Copper Plated Bullets


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    Copper Plated Bullets

    LOS copper plated bullets consist of compact lead cores and special thick plating.
    This gives bullets maximum protection from the lead, making them highly appropriate for shooting in indoor shooting ranges.
    Bullets are additionally calibrated to achieve the highest possible performance.


    ACTL9A 9MM 115 RN  TLFMJ £84.35
    ACTL9B 9MM 123 RN  TLFMJ £84.35
    ACTL38W 38/35 148 HBWC  TLFMJ £93.75
    ACTL38B 38/35 158 FP  TLFMJ £106.95
    ACTL38C 38/35 180 FP  TLFMJ £116.75
    ACTL40B 10mm/40 - 180 FP £116.75
    ACTL44B 44 200 FP TLFMJ £134.10
    ACTL44C 44 240 RNFP TLFMJ   £138.25
    ACTL45C 45 200 FP TLFMJ £134.10
    ACTL45A 45 ACP 230 RN TLFMJ £134.10

    LOS is a European based company that develops and produces premium quality ammunition components. The origin of the company goes back to 2008, and since 2010 LOS has focused on producing bullets and cases. We are located in a new, state of the art manufacturing facility in Slovenia (one hour away from Italian border).