• Magload - Bolt Weight - CMMG Conversion Kit .22LR AR15

    £55.00 £49.99

    Hone your CMMG .22LR AR15 conversion kit for high-velocity ammunition. Slowing the bolt reciprocation increases reliability by reducing wear and dirt build-up, the weight will also reduce bolt bounce.

    High-velocity ammunition is known to increase the rate of wear on the CMMG conversion kit, mainly due to the impact between the tail of the bolt and the rear rail plate, our bolt weight geometry reduces this phenomenon.

    Tested with a large range of both standard and velocity ammunition, this is a one size fits all solution. Competition proven at the highest level. Not compatible with subsonic ammunition.

    Machined brass construction with hardened steel insert.

    Lifetime warranty as standard.

    • Brass Bolt Weight
    • Hardened Steel Insert
    • Increased Reliability For High-Velocity Ammunition
    • Reduces Dirt Build Up
    • Tool-Free Installation