• MAGLOAD - Competition Magwell for Armsan RS-S1


    MAGLOAD - Competition Magwell for Armsan RS-S1


    • Purpose made for practical shooting

    • Designed alongside some of the biggest names in UK shooting

    • Hyper lightweight polymer

    • Secure retention

    • Range of colours available


      We’ve turned our knowledge and experience in competition magwells on to the Armsan RS S1!

      Designed from the ground up for the gun alongside the leading UK authority on the Armsan RS S1, this magwell is used by the best of the best and relied upon in competition.

      Put your faith in our magwell - it’s hyper lightweight, self lubricating polymer will never slow you down. Security is ensured by dual bolt fastening. Designed like all our products for low drag - as little as possible to catch or snag!

      Made using our high tech material processes with our specially selected polymers, each magwell is hand checked and comes with a lifetime guarantee!

      If the magwell is run over by a bulldozer you are entitled to a free replacement as long as video footage can be provided.

      Note: There is a 1 week lead time on any colours other than black