• MAGLOAD Double Quad Loader Self Adjust System

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    Forget adjusting your Double Quad Loader ever again.

    A self adjusting system can now be fitted to your existing loaders without having to buy a whole new belt rig. The system has a range of travel of 15mm, can can be slid up and down on the backplate to allow for even more travel.


    This upgrade system can be fitted to existing Double Quad Loaders with no modification – just some assembly.

    New loaders can be supplied with these pre-fitted at no additional cost as a bespoke order, just pay for the loader and self adjust system. Ask your retailer for more details.

    Enjoy the super silky smooth release you’ve come to know and love from MAGLOAD with the added bonus of self calibration for your different cartridge requirements. Spring base tension has been specifically designed to provide the solid cartridge retention you expect but with the easy release you want.

    *Shell carrier bases are part of the original loader and not included.

    2x sets of bases supplied, enough for 1x Double Quad Loader.


    • Stainless Steel Springs
    • Nylon guide bushings
    • Brass thread inserts
    • FDM base
    • 15mm of self adjustment