• MAGLOAD PRACTICAL SHOTGUN 12 Bore Extended Magazine Tube Spring


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    Springs? Some companies will build you an entire gun without thinking much about the components. Here at MAGLOAD we take a different approach, pouring everything into a single component to make it the best it can possibly be before moving on to the next.

    Using the things we learned about spring technology from our set-less NEXUS springs, and the 100% reliability guarantee on the K22 mag extensions, we're proud to present the MAGLOAD 12g shotgun magazine spring. There's a lot of technology in a seemingly simple part, from the material selection, spring rate down to the polished surface.

    Available in 1100mm or 1300mm free length - requires cutting for your specific application.

    Don't compromise on your mag tube spring, choose MAGLOAD!


    • Polished surface for low friction

    • 40Nm spring rate for easy loading with reliable function without shell surge in semi autos and manual action*

    • Perfect for use with MAGLOAD carbon magazine tube extensions

    • Available in 1100mm or 1300mm

    *As long as it’s cut to the correct length