• New for 2024 - The DAA RATCHET BELT in all sizes and colours

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    New for 2024 - The DAA RATCHET BELT in all sizes and colours

    The DAA Ratchet Belt is an evolution of the DAA Premium Belt. Incorporating that same extreme rigidity which has made the DAA Premium Belts the gold standard in IPSC/USPSA competition around the world.

    The popularity and success of the Ratchet Buckle offered on the DAA Lynx Belt System, coupled with many customer requests to “offer a one piece belt with a Ratchet” motivated us to develop this new belt and it’s accompanying custom designed Inner Belt.

    The outer belt of the DAA Ratchet Belt is made shorter, designed not to overlap as a traditional Velcro closure belt would. Instead, the two ends of the belt are pulled together and held firmly around the waist using a Ratchet and rubber Stap Buckle. This enables the shooter to very quickly and easily adjust the tension of his belt, tightening up the fit when shooting, and loosing it a couple of clicks for improved comfort between stages.

    This new design changes how the sizing of this belt works:

    The size indicated on the belt is the actual length of the belt section end-to-end – excluding the extended Ratchet Stap, which adds up to 10cm of length. Consult the table below to select your correct size.

    The Ratchet Belt - Inner belt

    The Inner belt included with the DAA Ratchet Belt is the custom made DAA Ratchet Inner Belt, which incorporates an innovative soft section, designed to be positioned under the Ratchet Buckle area.

    This soft section of the inner belt folds in on itself as you tighten the ratchet, without creating an uncomfortable fold in the inner belt or pressure point on the body.

    Simply place that soft section in the position where you know  your Ratchet will be, and enjoy improved comfort and performance.

    The DAA Ratchet Belt Inner Belt is pointy on both ends, making it easier to thread through pant loops in either direction, to best position the collapsible section.

    When supplied with a complete Ratchet Belt, the DAA logo on the inner belt webbing, matches the outer belt colors: Black/Silver belts have silver webbing logo, Blue belts have Blue webbing logo, Red belts have Red webbing logo.

    This new Ratchet Inner belt is available and sold separately too – recommended for those using the Lynx belt with a Ratchet Buckle.

    Your DAA Ratchet Belt Includes:

    • Rigid outer belt in color of choice, with Ratchet Buckle and Strap assembled
    • DAA Ratchet Inner belt, in appropriate size
    • Ratchet DAA Front Plate, in Black. Additional colour Front Plates can be purchased from us too.

    Please note:

    • This belt is a 1.5” belt, and is thicker than most IPSC shooting belts on the market. It is a perfect fit for all DAA Gear, but it can be a tight fit for some other brands of pouches and holsters. If you need to slide gear on from end of the belt removing the buckle or strap will be required.
    • The size indicated on the belt is the actual length, in centimeters, end to end, EXCLUDING the Ratchet buckle/strap. The Ratchet system adds 1-10cm. consult the chart below to select your correct size
    • To Select correct Size: Measure your waist over an inner belt (or similar thin belt), then consult the table below.

    Most sizes and colours in UK stock and shipping now - if you don't see your size or colour please email and we will get one to you asap.

    DAA Ratchet Belt size chart:

    Your Measured Waist (on inner belt)

    Select Belt:

    72-77 cm, 28-30 Inch


    77-82 cm, 30-32 Inch


    82-87 cm, 32-34 Inch


    87-92 cm, 34-36 Inch


    92-97 cm, 36-38 Inch


    97-102 cm, 38-40 Inch


    102-107 cm, 40-42 Inch


    107-112 cm, 42-44 Inch


    112-117 cm, 44-46 Inch


    117-122 cm, 46-48 Inch


    122-127 cm, 48-50 Inch


    127-132 cm, 50-52 Inch