Competitive shooters want to have more rounds but don’t want magazine extension to stick out too much.

Long shotgun is more difficult to maneuver around decorations on competitions. Pinyo Wizard is a company from Thailand, they invented the first telescoping magazine extension tube. It was first introduced on the Shotgun World Shoot 2018. 

When you start loading more than normal tube length it extends as long as needed to the total capacity of 14 rounds! The more you load the longer it becomes.

Telescoping magazine extension design & construction

The design is simple. There are two magazine springs. First spring is small and needed just for first 8 rounds. Second spring is wide and needed for the extended part. It is not very stiff and enables you to load rounds as easy as with other magazine extensions.

It is a pure genius and a great invention. Long competition shotguns are in the past. Your shotgun can be compact and easy to store, transport and use. 

Makes shotgun compact
Easier to maneuver
Easier to store and transport
High capacity