• Premium Package: Smith & Wesson Performance Centre M&P 15-22 Suppressed & Schmidt & Bender PMII


    Not available for On-line order - "In Person / Face to Face" Sale Only with Valid UK Authority to Acquire

    Premium Rimfire Package: Smith & Wesson Performance Centre M&P 15-22 Suppressed and Schmidt & Bender PMII Short Dot CC

    Following several requests to provide the best of the best, we offer the following for our UK Only Customers.  

    The package includes:

    Smith & Wesson Performance Centre M&P 15-22 Rifle

    DPT Modular Sound Moderator

    Schmidt & Bender PMII Short Dot Dual CC 1-8x24 MDR-T6 ST LT MTC ST 0.1 MRAD CW Rifle Scope

    American Defense AD Recon Quick Detach Cantilever Mount with a 1.93" offset.

    5 x 30 Round Magazines of your colour choice and 5000 rounds of CCI .22 Ammunition.

    The Gun:

    Performance Center guns originate from standard designs or are created from the ground up. From hand-cutting and fitting to fine tuning for precision, these firearms are top performers. Products from the Performance Center are the ultimate expression of old-world craftsmanship blended with modern technology.

    • 18” Threaded Barrel
    • 2-Stage Match Trigger
    • 10” M&P® Slim Handguard with Magpul® M-LOK™
    • Magpul® MBUS® Sights
    • VLTOR® Adjustable Stock
    • Hogue® Grip
    • Match-Grade Precision Barrel, Chamber and Trigger
    • 2” M-LOK™ Rail Panel Included
    • Functioning Charging Handle
    • Shell Deflector
    • 2-Position, Receiver
    • Mounted Safety Lever


    The Scope:

    The Schmidt & Bender PM II ShortDot Dual CC 1-8x24 MDR-T6 has been designed to be of one the most state of the art optical systems on the planet. The Schmidt & Bender PM II ShortDot Dual CC 1-8x24 MDR-T6 has encorperated modern combat requirements and improvements in scope technology to produce a scope that can give a true 1x low magnification for short close combat engagements and a 8x magnification range that allows the user to take on targets out to 500 yards with ease. 

    At low magnification of the Schmidt & Bender PM II ShortDot Dual CC 1-8x24 MDR-T6 is parallax free to 7 meters and is parallax free out to 100 meters when magnification is increased.

    The main selling feature of the new Schmidt & Bender PM II ShortDot Dual CC 1-8x24 MDR-T6 is the dual focal plane reticles, the FlashDot red dot is located on the second focal plane allowing for a consistent dot size cross all magnifications, while the MilDot reticle sits on the first focal plane helping you make more accurate shots at longer ranges.

    Scope Weight: 22.05oz
    Scope Length: 293mm/11.54"
    Magnification Range: 1-8x
    Scope Objective Diameter: 24mm
    Scope Tube Size / Mount: 30mm
    Turret Adjustment (Click Value): 1cm
    Elevation Turret Details: 0 to 101cm
    ST LT MTC (Single Turn, Locking Turret, More Tactile Clicks)
    Windage Turret Details: ST ZS LT (Single Turn; Zero Stop; Locking Turret)
    ±6 mrad
    Parallax Adjustment: 100m Fix
    Reticle Position: Dual Focal Plane
    Reticle Details: MDR-T6 Reticle in 1st Focal Plane
    FlashDot in 2nd Focal Plane
    Field of View: 35.3 - 4.9m / 100m
    Exit Pupil: 9.8-3.0 mm
    Eye Relief: 90mm/3.54"
    Twilight Factor: 14.1 - 37.4
    Light Transmission >90%
    Illuminated Reticle: Yes
    Scope Finish: Matte Black
    Scope Turret Rotation:

    Clockwise (CW)

    The Mount:

    American Defense AD-RECON Quick Detach Cantilever Mount - 1.93 inch offset

    The American Defense AD-RECON Quick Detach Cantilever mount is made for putting high power glass which objective sizes up to 56mm onto a flattop style AR-15 rifle.

    The American Defense AD-RECON Quick Detach Cantilever mount throws the scope out front by 1.93 inches which will allow the shooter to get the right eye relief. Each American Defense AD-RECON is precision machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and finished in hard coat T3 Mil-Spec anodising.

    The AD-RECON features the Patented QD Auto Lock Lever system to accommodate both in spec and out of spec rail systems. With the AD-Recon Mount you are giving the option of the tactical lever or the standard lever, their is no difference in function or price just aesthetics.

    The Magazines:

    Genuine Smith & Wesson 25 Round Magazines with Magload +6 Extensions

    Easily increase your stock Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 magazine from 25 rounds to 31 rounds. This enables you to use the full 30rd capacity for IPSC competition whilst having an extra round for the chamber on a loaded start.

    Made out of our special high durability and low friction, lightweight polymer these competition components are made to give you an edge.   It is recommended to use an external load assist device with this kit as the original load assist button is no longer used.

    The Sound Moderator:

    100% aluminium, bead blasted and anodized matte black.

    This configuration has 5 baffle modules making it perfect for a 22magnum or 17HMR rifle. Remove two baffles and it becomes a 22LR suppressor, remove two more baffles and you have a very short 22sub suppressor.

    Only takes seconds to disassemble and clean.

    30.8mm diameter.

    with 5 baffle modules 140mm long, 92grams.
    with 3 baffle modules 106mm long, 70 grams.
    with 1 baffle modules 72mm long, 48 grams.

    1/2-28 UNEF

    Additional baffles can be purchased, they are 11grams in weight and add 17mm to the total length of the suppressor.
    Lighter for size reference.
    Designed and cnc machined in New Zealand.

    The Ammunition:

    The future of rimfire is here. CCI Clean-22 uses an exclusive polymer bullet coating to greatly reduce copper and lead fouling in the barrel—without leaving a residue. It also cuts lead buildup in suppressors 60 to 80 percent. Both the Sub-Sonic and High Velocity loads feature a 40-grain round nose lead bullet with geometry that's been optimized for accuracy. With dependable CCI priming and consistent propellant, Clean-22 provides flawless cycling through semi-automatics and all 22 LR firearms.

    • Polymer bullet coating greatly reduces lead fouling in the barrel without leaving residue
    • Cuts lead buildup in suppressors 60 to 80 percent
    • 40-grain lead round nose bullets—red for High Velocity, blue for Sub-Sonic
    • Optimized bullet geometry for improved accuracy
    • Reliable function in semi-automatic firearms
    • Great option both casual and competitive shooters

    All together in a Smith & Wesson Gun Case:

    Trust the Pro Tac 42-inch Gun Case to carry your long guns anywhere whether you are traveling or keeping them out of sight for safe storage.

    The exterior of the case includes six additional magazine pouches, so it's all together in one place making you ready at a moment’s notice.

    The strong ballistic fabric and full-length double zipper opening provides maximum protection and durability against any weather conditions you might come across.