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    RS12 has been specifically developed as a complement to the Reload-Swiss RS portfolio. At the moment of launch it is our quickest powder. It is suitable for many pistol and smaller revolver calibres. For applications which do not result satisfying in combination with RS20 in regard to unburnt residues.

    Standard calibres

    • .38 Special
    • .40 S&W
    • .45 ACP
    • 9 mm Luger

    Packaging units

    500 g can 

    Powder type

    RS12 is a porous, extruded single-perforated propellant based on nitrocellulose.

    Safe service life

    If properly stored, the propellant powder remains safe to use for up to ten years.

    Verification tolerances

    Batch-to-batch tolerance:

    v5 ±12 m/s
    pmax ±250 bar

    Key characteristics

    Heat of explosion approx. 4,050 J/g
    Bulk density  approx. 630 g/l
    Grain diameter approx. 0,7 mm
    Grain length 1,0 mm

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