Remington STS 209 Shotgun Primers 100 Pack - UK Collect Only

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Remington STS 209 Shotgun Primers

100 Pack - UK Collect Only with valid authority to acquire

Extensive testing with a variety of commonly-used reloading powders has shown that 209 Premier STS primers, compared to other commonly-used primers, create reductions of up to 40 percent in the high-to-low spread of velocities in reloads.

This improvement in velocity consistency is an important benefit to those reloading target loads for practice or competition.

  • The most consistent primer available
  • Premier STS primers reduce shot to shot velocity variations up to 40 percent in reloads
  • Premier STS primers can be substituted for Remington’s previous 209 primers without changes in published reloading formulas
  • Hot-burning, non mercuric and non-corrosive mixture ensures complete powder burn and clean barrel
  • Remington sts in stock feature all-brass primer cup and brass plated battery cup, with covered flash hole

Made In United States of America

Specifications remington sts 209 primers

Product Information

Quantity 1000 Piece
Primer Size Shotshell
Country of Origin United States of America