• SliX Shotshell Checker Sizer Combo 12 bore guage shotgun cartridge tool

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    A simple tool to check and re-size 12 Gauge shotgun shells

    • One end checks reloaded shotgun shells to precise SAAMI 3" specifications
    • The other end easily re-sizes the shotshell if needed
    • Dramatically reduces ejection problems in SxS shotguns
    • Aids feeding of shells in pump or lever shotguns 
    • Made from high quality aircraft aluminum
    • Simple to use shot shell case gauge and sizer. Just drop the loaded shell into the rimmed end and let it fall.  Good ammo will easily slide in AND out.  If not then simply re-size the hull on the other end and check again.
    • Re-sizing simply requires the shell to be inserted about a 1/4" into the knurled end while twisting and applying light pressure
    • The re-sizing end tightens the crimp points that tend to unfold with used hulls.  Does NOT remove material or increase case pressure.
    • 12 Gauge Only
    • Use prior to loading shells in belt before each shooting stage

    The SliX Shotshell Checker/Sizer Combo combines the original SliX-Sizer with a case gauge. Insert your shotshell into one end to round out the crimp, the insert it onto the other end go gauge the entire shell. Doing this avoiding the infamous "Stuck Hull" in double barrel shotguns. It also makes loading smoother and faster with both double barrel and pump shotguns.

    No matter how nicely your shotshell loader makes shotshells, there is no avoiding the "re-swelling" of the mouth of re-used hulls after they have been stored for even a short period of time. The SliX Shotshell Checker/Sizer Combo can fix that!

    A "Must Have" for Cowboy Action Shotgun Competition!

    To Use:
    Simply insert the crimped end of a loaded shotshell and twist while applying slight pressure. It is most successful when used just prior to loading your shell belt at the stage. Then flip it around and insert the shotshell into the other end to gauge the entire shell. If it easily drops fully into the gauge, is will also drop easily into your shotgun chambers.

     Solid Aluminum
     Durable Anodized Finish Inside and Out
     Knurled Exterior for Slip Free Grip
     1.5″ Outer Diameter for More Leverage
     Available for 12GA Only

    Tip! Lubricating the ID of the SliX-Sizer with a silicone rag or sizing die wax will reduce the effort needed to size your shotshells.

    To download the SAAMI Specs for this shotshell, Click Here.

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