• Special Pie Intelligent Network Target System for Airsoft and Laser Shooting Training Target System


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    This item is out of stock

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    AKP1 Intelligent Network Target system (Auto Targets system) is an intelligently connected targets system that lets shooters interact with their targets in a way never possible before. With its powerful hit sensing technology, portable wireless activation, and revolutionary program, Auto Target system truly changes the way you shoot.

    Application: indoor and outdoor, water boom, airsoft BBs,laser

    Outstanding Features

    1. Interactive Automatic target system
    What makes Auto Target system so revolutionary is its advanced hit detection technology. This provides immediate feedback of shot accuracy at any distances. The available targets detect shots from Bullets. The target sends a digital signal back to the display that tracks draw total time, missed, wrong shots, and causes the target to react. 

    2. Programmable pop-up targets system
    How many shots were hit before they fell down? It's up to you.
    How long will it take to pop-up? It's up to you.
    Total challenge time setting, Difficulty level setting. It's up to you.

    3. Wireless Automatic target system
    Other hit sensing target systems exist, but none of them have the flexibility, portability, and ease of use of Auto Targets. Auto Target system weighs only 1.25kg making it easy to set up even in the most remote locations. Targets lift and fall in less than 0.50 seconds and battery inside can makes it work over one week without charge.

    4. Within 3 km remote Control Target System
    The AKP1 Auto Targets system offering the advantage of remote control targets. It will advance your targets with the remote controller at distances of up to 3 km.
    No more walking downrange to replace targets, Advance to the next target without getting up from your shooting bench! The AKP1 Auto Targets System is battery operated, so there is no need for access to power outlets. Plus it disassembles easily for transportation back and forth to the range. Additional targets are available with bullseye, animal and other shape designs.

    5. Maximum 200 targets can be wireless connected as a kit.
    The AKP1 targets system for air action IPSC training. You can set up till 200 targets of shooting stage in minutes and control the action from a single remote up to 3 km away. Wireless version, best shooting range setting up.