Special Pie M4P1 Action Air Timing System - Stop Plate only


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M4P1 Action Air Timing System (Stop Plate only).
This interactive RF (UHF) Target (stop plate) connects wirelessly with your M1A2 timer with an indoor range of approximately 50 meters.

One M1A2 timer can be connected to numerous M4P1 targets and as this system operates on channels 410 to 441 there can be up to 31 individual timers recording time data simultaneously in the same area.

The base is equipped with two LED lights projecting up on to the steel target face. When the target is struck by the airsoft projectile the light on the target face will change from blue to orange. Any subsequent hits on the target face the projected LED light will alternate for orange to green and then back to orange with each hit.

The steel target is detachable from the base unit for ease of carrying.

The base has a built-in rechargeable Lithium battery and is fully charged in 2.5 hours and allows approximately 76 hours of continuous use.

Package contents: 1 X Steel Target, 1 X Target Base, 1 X Allen Key and 1 X power adapter.

These timers where the official instruments used in the 2018 IPSC Action Air World Shoot I in Hong Kong and have been chosen for the 2022 IPSC Action Air World Shoot 2 to be held at Sochi, Russia.