• Special Pie Stop Plate M4P1 and M1A2-A Shot Timer Bluetooth enabled for Action Air only


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    M4P1 Action Air Timing System including an M1A2-A timer (already paired to each other).

    NB. The included timer can ONLY be used for timing Action Air (Airsoft) guns in conjunction with the M4P1 airsoft timing system. It has NO microphone and therefore CANNOT pick up an audible report.

    M1A2-A shot timer can connect to a suitable Bluetooth enabled Android device running the PractiScore App to transmit total elapsed time, number of shots and split times directly to that device.

    PractiScore App support for Android OS devices ONLY (not iOS at this time).

    Can be wirelessly linked to our large LED display.

    Stopwatch Mode.

    Countdown Timer Mode.

    The audible signal can be set to instant, random, fixed and customized and there is an integrated PAR timer for dry fire practice.

    Split time can also be easily reviewed by pressing the review button.

    Compact size of 88cm High, 69cm Wide and 39cm Deep.

    Built in rechargeable Lithium battery (USB charging cable included) with a charge time of approximately 1.5 hours and a continuous use time of approximately 72 hours.

    IPX4 Splash Proof (Protects from splashing water, no matter the direction).

    Easy to Use: With clear, widescreen high resolution display.

    Belt Clip included.